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    Three projects launch, reach stratosphere

    Recently we launched three of our latest web projects.  Terri Whittington, CPA in Kernersville, Lisha Construction, LLC (formerly Nehemiah Construction) out of Lewisville, and Houck Residential Designers in Winston-Salem. Terri wanted a new brand to get across a clearer vision of who and what she does.  We accomplished this by simply defining her work and leveraging commonly used documents downloadable at the ready. While developing Lisha we focused more on navigation and esthetics. From the outset, the question for the visual dimension was how to combine a commercial and residential site in both look and voice. Lisha’s work speaks for itself and is one of the few builders that blends residential and commercial construction. The next facelift is for Houck Residential Designers; we scratched everything to the bare bones only leaving the last name of the owner. Building from there this new brand began with renaming the company, and identity and the rest is as they say, history.

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